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School Council
School Council

Ignace School Council consists of the following members:

Chantelle Tucker

Yvonne Dungey

Dana Caines

Twyla Berube

Amanda Woods

Jessica Houtz

Chantal Moore

Adele Marth

Debbie Hart


School Council Meeting
2016, May 5th

Present:  Marg Kennard, Chantelle Tucker, Amanda Woods, Chloe Arbour, Chantal Moore, Jamie Thompson, Debbie Hart, Twyla Berube

Regrets:  Jessica Houtz, Rachelle Davenport, Shandel McKeown, Dana Caines

  1. Student Report: Chloe Arbour (elementary)

    1. Graduation pictures were taken

    2. Boat races took place in Dryden

    3. Our school participated in “Lights Out Canada”

    4. The grade 7 & 8’s had their basketball tournament and the girls won 1st place

    5. Classes went skating at the Arena quite a bit in March

    6. The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra came to perform for our school & community members

    7. Grade 8 graduation is scheduled for June 21st and the grade 7 & 8 Toronto trip is happening from June 5 – 11

    8. There was a Country themed grade 7 & 8 dance held last month

    9. The Board’s “My Blueprint” program was shared

Student Report: Jamie Thompson (Secondary)
Badminton just finished with 5 teams participating in NorWossa and 2 of those teams going through to Nwossa
b.  The regional coroner came to the school with a presentation about the dangers of distracted driving. 
There was a strong impact on our students
c. The grades 12’s are planning their graduation as well as their Prom.  The Prom will have an enchanted forest theme and they are planning their own graduation dinner

  1. Correspondence:  None

  2. Approval of minutes from February 2016:  Made by Marg, seconded by Twyla

  3. Goals:

    A discussion took place regarding goal setting for the 2016-2017 school year.

    We may conduct a short electronic survey to our school families to ask for their input as to what they may like to see the school council’s focus should be.  Suggestions for questions are:  What can we do to make the school better?  What do you think school council’s goals should be?  

    Another goal could be to promote kindness..(as opposed to an anti-bullying statement).    Another goal we could look into is to improve the communications between parents and teachers with regards to student’s homework assignments, test, and project due dates 

  4. Playground Update:

    1. Various donations have come in and some grants have been applied for, we are still waiting to hear.

    2. KPDSB facilities department came to visit the Ignace School site with a landscape developer.  The plans are to get a play structure geared towards the 2-5 year olds, and to obtain benches and an outdoor volleyball court for everyone’s use

  5. Parent Engagement:

  1. A math night was held and was not very well attended.  A “Celebrating the Arts” night is planned for May 26th

  1. Administration Report:

    1. There is a “Parents Reaching out” grant available that we would have to apply for. There are quite a few restrictions as to what the funds (up to 1,000.00) may be used for.  Deadline to apply is May 29th

    2. Smudging is something that we are considering doing at the school.  A sample of the notification/permission letter was circulated amongst the group and after a brief discussion,  the group felt that the latter was satisfactory and that smudging was fine to do, as long as the people who were participating understood the reasons and purpose of the activity.

The next meeting will be in September 2016