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Ignace School
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About Ignace
About Ignace

Ignace School is unique in that students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 attend school in the same building.  This provides for a variety of valuable learning opportunities for both elementary and secondary students and staff.  There are approximately 160 students at Ignace School, 106 elementary students and 58 secondary students.

The staff at Ignace School is committed to providing a positive, safe and rewarding educational experience.  Elementary and Secondary staff is dedicated to improving student's literacy and numeracy skills.  Students and staff strive to keep the Board's 7 Attributes:  Responsibility, Respect, Wisdom, Kindness, Humility, Honesty and Bravery at the heart of all instruction and school activity.

The staff at Ignace School encourages all students to be active, positive members of the school community.  The small high school student enrollment allows for all students to be actively involved in the school community.  Ignace High School participates in Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton through NORWOSSA.  In addition to athletics, students are encouraged to be part of Student Leadership, Grad Committee, GSA, and other school run projects.

Ignace School boasts of its community and parental involvement.  Various community members continually support Ignace School.  The Loonie Lunch Ladies are an example of the exceptional community involvement at Ignace School.  The Loonie Lunch Ladies are a group of volunteer women who provide a hot lunch for our students three times a week for a loonie!

Ignace School strives to provide a caring and supportive learning environment.  Staff encourage students to focus on their strengths, interests and their effort.  Students also work on a variety of strategies to prepare for leaning (exercise/movement breaks, daily gym classes, mindfulness, breathing, self-regulation, emotional literacy, snack program...).  We are very fortunate to have a Loonie Lunch program where volunteers come to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays to provide our students with a warm lunch.  Ignace School offers a variety of elementary extracurricular activities for a range of grades. Ignace School also offers a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball.  This range of activities allows students to be part of a team, to attend tournaments, to explore their talents and interests and provides students with a range of experiences and opportunities.  Students in high school have the opportunity to be involved in our Jack Talk committee and Student Council.  Students are also encouraged to participate in our school sports, volleyball, basketball and badminton.

We welcome you to come to visit us.